Deceased: Αγαλοπούλου Ευθυμία Χρ.

Fullname of DeceasedΑγαλοπούλου Ευθυμία Χρ.
Father's Name of Deceased(not set)
Mother's Name of Deceased(not set)
Age of Deceased70
DiseaseΑιφνίδιος θάνατος
Date of death1898 01 14 11μμ
Date Registered1898 01 15
Origin of DeceasedΕρμ
Occupation of DeceasedΟικιακά*
Marital Status of DeceasedΕ
Record Number26
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Fullname RegistrarΠαρασκευόπουλος Αναστάσιος
Age Registrar45
Country RegistrarΕρμ
Occupation RegistrarΥπηρέτης
Relation(not set)